Composing | Arranging: Techniques to help you to give a voice to your musical ideas! Your tunes for several instrumentations, e.g.:  strings, woodwinds, brasses, percussion, jazz, pop/rock, or various combinations.

 “Nuno shows a big interest in systematizing the different aspects of his composition process. His goal is to ‘map’ this process also to support other composers in the future,” – Guus Janssen (Composer/Master’s teacher)

Music theory | Piano:  Harmony at the piano with the methods: Microjazz (R&B/Pop) and/or Jazz Hanon (Chord-Melody)
Contrabass for kids (6-12 years)
Teaching method is based on Vamoosh (Thomas Gregory) or Bass is Best! (Caroline Emery)
Contrabass | Bass guitar: Your choice of tunes & genres: classical/jazz, latin/fusion, pop/rock & other concepts.

Weekly lessons: €25 (30 min.) | €35 (45 min.) | €40 (60 min.) 
Every two weeks: €45 (60 min.)

Languages | Locations: The lessons can be taught in EN/NL or ES/PT; In my house or at the student’s home (+ €5/journey costs), or via Skype, Zoom, etc.
Contact:  nunotorresmarques@gmail.com | +31 (0)6 111 746 80 | Schoolstraat 17 B 2511 AW Den Haag, NL