The Scroll Ensemble

A unique collective of experts in the field of historical improvisation, and one of the only ensembles in the world focussing on ensemble improvisation,
arguably one of the most important aspects of early music. In the past improvisation was just as important in as it now is in jazz.
The Scroll Ensemble (TSE) puts this lost art on the podium, resulting in a direct and lively communication with each other and the audience.

Photo by: Joyce van de Feesten

TSE combines its own individual approach with collaborations over the whole spectrum of music, performing music from the middle ages to Bach; folk music to jazz standard,
and also making semi-theatrical performances. TSE has performed for Queen Beatrix (NL), in Leipzig Improvisation Fest’s and on NL radio 4 with writer Guus Kuijer.
They also give workshops in conservatoires including Den Haag, Katowice & Bydgoszcz.

The gig combines a colourful mix. from the Portuguese (PT) baroque & new compositions inspired by PT music.
The collaboration with TSE aims the cross-over: early music – jazz.
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