Composing Commissions
Ensemble/Orchestra | Film Scoring/Multimedia | Cultural Events

Arranging Commissions
Nuno’s arranging skills include the technical part of transcribing, lead sheets and full score making, orchestrations for songwriters, jazz/classical ensembles/orchestras.

Fees vary depending on the project/event. The following fees are only for reference purposes:
Composing/Arranging: €50/1h
Consulting & other services: €30/1h

Estimated durations  
Works for bands or small ensembles of < 6 performers: 5h-10h per piece.
Ensembles of 6 to 14 performers: 15h-20h per piece.
More than 14 performers: minimum of 30h per piece.

“I know Nuno as a talented musician and composer. He has an artistic vision on composing, and in particular the composition within the jazz idiom, combined with classical and baroque”. –
– Marco C. de Bruin (Composer/Master’s teacher)






Photo by: Tessa Veldhorst

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